What is Softys?

Softys is the moniker and project name I (Niko) use in my chillout music production. Besides the music on this site, I’ve done a couple of remixes under the Softys name. You might recognize me by my other projects though, namely Slusnik Luna and Royal Kinks. Or you might only recognize me as the subcontractor, former colleague, or mutual friend and you’ve been lured here by my blatant email marketing. Or you just happened to stumble upon here, in which case I’d like to hear how!

…and what’s special about softys.net?

After the UK Top 40 success of Slusnik Luna’s trance anthem Sun we did an indie chillout release, Aamukaste 5AM, and while it was well received, investing in and moving plastic discs around wasn’t too entertaining pastime. We quickly noticed the internet is indeed changing the music business not only for the big labels, but small players as well.

So, this time I want to try something different. First and foremost, tracks on Softys.net will be free. As creating the music is not free, rest assured I will give you plenty of opportunities to help me out financially! 100% voluntarily of course. I will do my best to keep up the spirit of “open music”: you’ll be free to enjoy the music as you like, and I’ll encourage you to copy and spread the tracks as much as possible.

Secondly, I won’t limit the releases to aural artistry. With the help of a few talented friends, my plan is to release a changing, generative Flash animation to accompany each track. You will be able to watch the animations online or download them for later viewing (and sharing).

I hope to give out other goodies as well, but knowing myself it’s better not to promise too much…

And finally, don’t take it too seriously. You’re free to like it or dislike it, it’s just art. :)