Long time no post. It doesn’t mean Softys is dead, of course not. It’s just that I (again) seem to have too high ambitions for the next animation, which seems to be delaying the next release indefinitely… I’m thinking of just doing away with the animations and releasing the music only, rather than sit on it forever. What do you think?

Anyway. Here’s a nice podcast I found lately, Chillout Bar Podcast by DJ Koopakoop (subscribe on iTunes). The mix combines a bunch of styles I enjoy, downtempo music with a slight ethnic flavour, easy listening or what I like to call cocktail music, a bit of jazz from the approachable end of the spectrum… all in all a diverse and enjoyable listen.

Check out DJ Koobakoop’s journal on last.fm for more links to good music.

6 Responses:

  1. Alex

    I think you should just release music, man :)
    Of course, animations are fun, but i guess music
    is more important. I doesn’t mean you should give up
    animations, you can throw them in from time to time.

    P.S. Still waiting for the next softies release ;)

  2. Alex

    Uupps..spelled that name wrong :) Softys

  3. Koobakoop

    Thanks for the link

  4. John Mizzi

    I enjoy listening to the music through my media player, and don’t really watch the animation.

    So release the music please!

  5. Koobakoop

    This podcast is no longer available. You can find more fine music compositions at Last FM by doing an Artist Search of ‘Koobakoop’ which will take you to some great individual and free track downloads.

  6. royb0t

    Come back and release more tunes!