I’d like to highlight a podcast I’ve been listening a lot to lately. In his own words, Dave’s Lounge is a weekly podcast that showcases the best in chillout, trip hop and downtempo music found on the internet. This podcast has basically restored my faith in being able to find quality independent music on the vast trenches of the internet. In each show’s shownotes there are links to the original music, either where to buy it or where to get it for free.

Dave is passionate about downtempo music and the promise of internet distribution for independent artists. There’s only agreeing to that. Of course you can rarely find anyone whose musical tastes are 100% compatible with your own, but Dave’s Lounge features a lot of music that seems to have some elements I really like. Soul or folk influences, stronger beats than the balearic Ibiza chillout tracks usually have, broken sounds, but not in the IDM/glitch way, which while interesting, usually gets really irritating quickly.

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