Ulrich Schnauss

Long time no blogging. It has a lot to do with having spent the last weeks programming Flash at a client’s office, on an audio-crippled computer, without music. Terrible.

After such silence, it’s easy to appreciate music even more than usually. Especially good music. Something like, well, everything by Ulrich Schnauss. Actually I can’t figure out how I have not blogged about him earlier.

Anyway. Schnauss’ instrumental music combines certain key elements that I seem to be drawn to despite of genre:

  • Melody: something you can (at least theoretically) sing along to.
  • Harmony: probably the element that allows me to like the best, most sugar-coated, pop country tracks ever created, no matter how un-cool that is.
  • The combination of major chords and melancholy. It’s like going through happy memories that are long gone.
  • The driving, pulsing 1/8 rhythm.
  • Walls of sound.
  • Sounds that drift out of tune and back into it. Strange as it might sound, I believe this even reinforces the strength of the harmonies.

Ulrich does all of these, on nearly every track, giving me instant goose bumps whenever I listen to it. It makes you want to chill out and turn up the volume at the same time. Simply brilliant.

Listen to selected music by Ulrich Schnauss on Last.fm or his MySpace page.

3 Responses:

  1. Jyri

    Ulrich is a great producer and remixer, everything i have heard from him i have liked. He manages to create such magically emotional feelings into his productions it’s really amazing. Often sad yet having an uplifting vibe.

    I hope he would release a remix compilation soon. He has been handing out CDr copies of one during his gigs anyway. He’s also working on a new album which should come out in spring ’07.

    The much hyped new BT album “This Binary Universe” makes me think of Schnauss every time i listen to it, it has stylewise something in common even if it’s not quite the same.

  2. Niko/Softys

    I haven’t yet checked out the new BT album either. I guess you can’t download the 5.1 surround version from iTunes… ;)

  3. Jyri

    Yes the 5.1 audio + DVD video make the BT album much better than the standard 2-channel stereo version alone on the CD does.. the album has got alot of “bad” reviews and alot of fantastic reviews but i guess the first ones more for the reason it wasn’t quite what people had been expecting but something totally different.

    Luckily for the fans of “more traditional” BT, he will put out another artist album within a year. That one is said to be more of dance floor oriented material. And besides that, he’s also working on an indie rock side project called By Golden Means.. so he has lots of things to do. :D