Do you remember the song, Sunshine Reggae? I did on Saturday, when a friend played it on the Unity cruise.

Sunshine Reggae was a hit in the 80s, and as proved on Saturday, the song still works as a nice anthem for chilling under the sun.

But do you remember the band who made Sunshine Reggae? What’s most interesting about Laid Back is that they’re still here and putting out music (rarely, as you can see on the Discog’s release list, but anyway).

A remix of Laid Back’s Beautiful Day is one of the best tracks on the L├╝ftkastellet 2 compilation and their track People has appeared on other chillout compilations, probably in remixed form as well.

Laid Back is also especially interesting because of the B-side of the original Sunshine Reggae. The song was called White Horse, and while Sunshine Reggae didn’t go down well in the States, the electric funk sound of White Horse was a club hit, landing a re-release on the B-side of Prince‘s When Doves Cry (which by the way is one of my all time favourite tracks). You can read the full story on VH1’s artist profile for Laid Back.

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