Emiliana Torrini - Fisherman's Woman sleeve

Last weekend was the only Club Unity party of this summer and I had the DJ booth for myself for an hour during the warm afternoon. The last track I played was a remix of Sunny Road by Emiliana Torrini. I found it on a Lüftkastellet compilation (Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk) while wondering over my track selection for the day. Since then, I haven’t been able to get the song out of my mind. I had completely forgot about Torrini’s excellent low-key album Fisherman’s Woman, categorized as folk, I believe. What a perfect soundtrack for a sunny Sunday morning.

If guitar and soft female vocals are your thing, check her out. And while you’re at it, don’t forget her country-mates mentioned earlier, Múm.

2 Responses:

  1. Toni Kurkimäki

    So you spinned there!?
    Were you the one who played that odd Indiana Jones-track? ;)

    Too bad I didn’t spot you there, would have loved to chat.
    Oh well, what I meant to say in the first place was that Emiliana Torrini really is good.


  2. Niko/Softys

    I played from 16 to 17, and Emiliana Torrini was probably the most uptempo track I played. ;) But no, I did not play any Indiana Jones music… hopefully.