If you’re reading this on a feed, I encourage you to come to the site and check out the new look of the site. A few things still need tweaking, but I’m confident enough to take the under construction banner off.

I had feedback on the old site (and frankly I could do with a lot more feedback!) and made some changes besides simply reviving the design. Notably I tried to address these issues:

  • Too much text: nothing has been taken off really, the content is just less on your face.
  • Animation/MP3/remix kit links (ie. the most important content of the site) are too hard to find. Well, if you can’t spot them now, I don’t know what to do! (But seriously, if you can’t, please please let me know.)
  • Animations are now called videos. Not sure if this works, or if there is not enough emphasis on the generative nature of these works. At least that’s what most people (YouTube and Google Video users) seem to call moving things on the web.
  • Less scrolling. Trying to keep the most important stuff at the top.

What I did not really address (consciously at least), is the complaint suggestion that the “reason” for this site’s existence is not easy to grasp. What’s the story. As much of a story as there is, you can find on the about page.

As said, check it out, and please do email me with suggestions on how to improve the site. I’ve heard “I don’t know about these things, but…” so many times already, there’s no reason to be ashamed of your ideas. I’m doing this site for you, not myself. You are the expert. Enough emphasis? Good.

4 Responses:

  1. nina g

    Hey, it wasn’t a ‘complaint’! I merely said what I felt, and you can interpret the comment as philosophical or as practical anyway ;) But the new version certainly is easier somehow, so thanks. Heading to Hietsu beach now, with Softys mp3s on my phone. Will let my friends listen too, if they’re nice…

  2. Niko/Softys

    Better? ;)

  3. Visa

    But where did my beautiful desktop background image creator go?

    And by the way, the blue links on black background are too dark.

  4. Niko/Softys

    Oh no! I forgot the desktop image generator. And yes, the links are too dark… I’m working on a new animation for awhile and will then get back to fixing things on the site.