IO Ambient reminded me of an artist I’ve enjoyed quite a lot, although I don’t have any of his complete albums. Jonn Serrie is touted as the “leading planetarium composer” and filed in the space music drawer. On my iTunes, I’ve labeled his tracks as ambient, or zerobeat for those songs that don’t have any rhythmic content.

Whatever box you drop the music in, there’s no doubting Serrie’s appreciation for the melodic, beautiful, lush, slow, calm and mellow. For some Serrie’s music might get too close to the cheap’o new age relaxation music scene, but I think Jonn stays on the sweet spot of creating easily accessible but not stupid music. Many tracks include small twists and changes of mood and atmosphere, which keep the songs interesting.

Again, I find the tracks I like most are made around the mid nineties. This reinforces my highly non-scientific theory which states “the best music was made when you were 18”. The theory holds true even if you never heard all the music then. ;)

Listen to previews of Jonn Serrie’s albums at Emusic.

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