Since the mid of May I’ve been working quite a lot (another excuse for not coming up with new Softys animations…). For concentration I need uninterrupted time and preferably some good music to draw me into the “zone” or “flow” (props to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi). Me and my friends rented a small work space, which that takes care of disabling interruptions. At the same time though, it means I need to leave my music collection at home.

The solution I’ve enjoyed these weeks has been Radio IO Ambient. You can find this internet radio station directly from iTunes, select Radio in the source list and look for radioioAmbient under Ambient. IO Ambient plays a nice selection of chillout, downtempo and ambient (whatever the differences are). There’s a certain 90’s vibe to much of the music, which suits me perfectly. Sometimes there’s too much ethnic influences for my taste — nothing against the continuous drone of sitar but it gets old pretty quickly after 3 tracks…

There is a caveat though: Radio IO Ambient is not free. Either you pay for a SoundPass, or you let the advertisers pay and listen to ads every now and then, suitably rarely though.

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    […] IO Ambient reminded me of an artist I’ve enjoyed quite a lot, although I don’t have any of his complete albums. Jonn Serrie is touted as the “leading planetarium composer” and filed in the space music drawer. On my iTunes, I’ve labeled his tracks as ambient, or zerobeat for those songs that don’t have any rhythmic content. […]

  2. George

    If you like ambient music you might find our show to your liking.

    We’ve been doing it for nearly 18 years on radio, and made the move to podcasts in early 2005.

    Best of all, it’s free.

    Visirt our website or just search for “ambient” in iTunes.

  3. niko

    Thanks George, I took a quick listen and it sounds very promising.
    For other readers, here’s link to Ultima Thule podcast on iTunes and a direct link to the podcast feed for non-iTunes users.

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    […] Ultima Thule was already mentioned in the comments, but I think it needs a proper introduction. George Cruickshank and friends have been running the Ultima Thule radio for an astonishing 17 years. Not shy of new technology, the ambient music show is available as a free podcast (also on iTunes). It’s more new agey and, well, more ambient than the music on Radio IO Ambient. New age generally being used as a bad word around here, this channel defies generalisation. Two hours of Ultima Thule and I almost finished coding the next Softys animation… […]