I own quite a lot of CDs, around 1200 to be exact. I also have over hundred albums bought digitally.

A few CDs

Still, I’m amazed at the amount of music in the world that “everybody seems to know” except me. Of course it’s just a matter of getting to know new people and their differing tastes in music. Tick it off for me as the ability to be amazed easily. ;)

This happened (again) on Wednesday when I dropped by Ahjo to listen to a live performance of ambient music for a saxophone, a laptop and a few effects units. From drones to mellow broken beats, the combo worked to chill out the crowd very effectively. Saxophone was played by Jukka Perko who is a highly notable player in the jazz scene (and beyond) and has recorded for Blue Note among other labels. Behind the PowerBook and trigger pads was drummer and percussionist (and apparently multi-instrumentalist) Samuli Kosminen, who I kind of know from playing with him on a couple of gigs back in the days… something like 8 years ago I believe.

And here comes the “amazing new music” part: I found out Samuli plays drums with Múm, an experimental Icelandic musical group whose music is characterized by soft vocals, electronic glitch beats and a variety of traditional instruments (as defined by Last.fm info page). I googled it, listened to it, and fell in love with it. Check Múm out at their label FatCat Records, MySpace) and Last.fm. All sites offer full length song previews.

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