Visa recommended me to try out CC Hits, a search engine for Creative Commons licensed music. So I did, and submitted all Softys music on the site. I don’t have too high hopes for this one but we’ll see…

6 Responses:

  1. Erik

    You won’t believe it, I found you via cc-hits.
    I just watched the march release, really good stuff. Only downside, watching it kept me from working ;-)


  2. Psychochild

    Well, you attracted at least one person here from that site. :) I’m enjoying “Circles” and I’ll give some of your other tracks a listen.

    Have fun,

  3. niko

    How wrong was I: two comments in 30 minutes! I’m very happy you like it. My only advice for Erik is to watch the other ones as well, work doesn’t end by working. ;)

    If you like the music, you can always subscribe to the podcast on the front page or directly through iTunes to receive the latest tracks automatically.

  4. Erik

    Hi Niko,
    since it is Friday afternoon in my part of the world, I’m allowed to freely admit that I watched all three animations and subscribed to your podcast-feed right away. ;-)

    Too bad that I’m using Reason for this kind of music, maybe I’ll try my hands on a remix anyway (as work permits).


  5. niko

    I haven’t tried Reason for a long time, but I understand it’s still staying loyal to the concept of the “synth studio” and there are no audio playback tracks in it? I think it would be quite easy to come up with REX loops from the audio files in the remix kit though and work with those. I hope to hear what you can come up with! :)

  6. Erik

    Yep, that’s right. There are no audio-tracks – except REX-Loops – in Reason, but there is always ReWire to integrate Reason and e.g. GarageBand or Logic. There could be a problem, though. My mini started the fan while I wrote the word ‘ReWire’ and I got a faint feeling he tries to tell me something…
    not sure what, to be honest. ;-)