In the beginning of March I was optimistic and hoped to get the February release out in a week or two to make up for the late schedule. Didn’t work. After finishing the second release, I can honestly tell you this is a time consuming hobby!

Anyway, go enjoy the music and the animation, Circles. Or click the new, fancy and big button on the left of the front page. And as always, send the link to everyone you know, and the feedback to me!

The site is still heavily under construction, but I managed to talk myself over into not putting an animated guy digging a hole on the site. I need to concentrate on real work for a few days still, but I hope to continue the site overhaul in a week or so.

6 Responses:

  1. Orion

    Podcast seems to find the entry of the February release but not the track itself.

  2. niko

    Ooooops. Another reminder that working at night time is a bad idea. Should be fixed now but it might take a while for FeedBurner to notice the update.

  3. Oded

    Yes yes yall ! circles is really nice… both the graphics and the song itself. Once again I was lacking some more action and more colours in the animation. I know it’s your art and I shouldnt be messin with it, but making it a bit more dramatic at some points, could inhance the musical experience.

    Laita lisää stroboo ja savuu !


  4. niko

    Background music calls for background animations. Easy-listening and easy-watching. :)

  5. Cristian Paduraru

    i loooove the loading animation too! it’s like preparing the way for the sooothing circles:)
    please be well and keep them comin!!

    ps: i took the remix kit to have give a listen (your ambiance is sooo good!!!)

    much appreciate it niko…
    a lovely new day from romania,
    cristian paduraru

  6. Liisa

    Ihan huippukivaa musaa! Tulee vallan rauhoittunut, rentoutunut ja iloinen fiilis. Lisää tällaista vaan!!
    Hyvää kevään jatkoa!